Good Life Medicine Center makes our home in the 100 year-old former convent of St. Andrew Catholic Church on the edge of the lively Albert Arts district of Portland, Oregon. The Center was founded by Mark Davis, ND and Karin Parramore, CH, LAc. Their intention is to create a thriving, collaborative, and groundbreaking interdisciplinary medicine center where everyone—practitioners, clients, and the community—feels supported and welcome.

What Good Life Medicine Center Offers to Practitioners

Good Life Medicine Center is changing how health care is delivered to maximize health and fun for patients and practitioners. Our vision is to blend medicine, nourishment and recreation. In addition to shared treatment rooms and a vibrant community of NDs, LAcs and others, GLMC hosts:

  • Weekly yoga and qi gong classes
  • Far-infrared sauna and Russian steam bath
  • 70/30 practitioner/clinic split
  • Insurance credentialing and billing services

Practicing in a space where you have access to yoga and qi gong, free saunas, herbal teas, and a community of colleagues to refer to and consult with makes for a fun practice. Having those resources to provide to your patients makes for great care.