Perfect digestion workshop

Come learn how to support your digestion - and your life - in this New Year with Richard Haynes of Ayurveda Plus. Richard Haynes is a teacher with over 30 years of experience teaching meditation and body-mind integration techniques. Richard has a degree in Education and used to teach in public schools. He has spent time studying Ayurveda with well-known authors Deepak Chopra, MD and John Douillard, DC. He traveled to India where he learned and practiced breathing techniques and studied Ayurveda. Richard focuses his training on body-mind exercise techniques, diet and routine, all based on Ayurveda. He is currently immersed in the study of Ayurvedic pulse with Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta. "I am very committed to sharing this beautiful knowledge of Ayurveda with you. My purpose is simple. I want to help you find more happiness. I believe this is the true goal of Ayurveda."

Where: Good Life Medicine Center - 827 NE Alberta Street

When:  January 11th, 2014  10 a.m. to noon with optional Ayurvedic lunch

Cost:  By donation 

Please RSVP by calling Good Life Medicine Center at (503) 477-6670