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Scheduling an Appointment

Initial Consult: We will complete a comprehensive nutrition assessment including your basic health history, main goals and health concerns, current and previous diets, food frequency questionnaire, allergies/sensitivities, bowel habits, current and historical exercise plans, overall successes and barriers, and more. From there, we will co-create a wellness plan together. We will develop realistic goals, discuss recommendations, and organize a step-by-step plan for you to achieve success. Personalized handouts and resources will also likely be shared. (50 minutes, $150 (50/50 payment plans available))

Follow Up: We check in on the progress you’ve made towards your goals, your understanding of the recommendations, and work through any questions/concerns that may have come up since our first visit together. Often in Follow Up visits, we discuss medical nutrition therapy for specific disease states, create meal plans and shopping lists, discuss healthy cooking techniques, debunk food myths, dive into specific food groups, unpack trending food topics, the list goes on! This is when our time together gets personal. I listen to your needs and use my expertise to tailor the session, and all sessions from here on. (40 minutes, $100 (50/50 payment plans available))

Follow Up Package x4: This package includes four 40 minute Follow Up visits with me with a savings of $40.

Follow Up Package x6: This package includes six 40 minute Follow Up visits with me with a savings of $60. 



Carly Kellogg is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with a Master of Science degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University. She believes people are unique beings with unique needs. 

“It is my goal to assist you, the individual, in helping you find the best approach to food and nutrition– an approach that works not only for you, but your family too.” 

Carly works with a variety of clients. Topics often discussed include, but are not limited to:

  •  weight loss or gain
  •  food allergies/sensitivities
  •  digestive issues
  •  nutrition for diabetes, hearth health, celiac disease, anemia
  •  nutrition and cancer
  •  perinatal nutrition (prenatal and postpartum)
  •  emotional and intuitive eating
  •  vegan/vegetarian nutrition
  •  and more

When she's not working at her private practice, or typing away and snapping photos for her whole foods cooking and nutrition website Citrus + Salt (, she's working as a Clinical Dietitian at a hospital in Portland, OR.

Carly also has experience with recipe development, food writing, and teaching private and group cooking classes.

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