Emily Burke, ND

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Dr. Burke was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon where she enjoyed many of the quintessential adventures of a childhood in Oregon. Spending time outdoors at a young age camping, hiking and exploring she came to appreciate the bond between people and nature.

After completing a bachelor's degree at the University of Oregon with a double major in pre-med studies and Japanese language, Dr. Burke discovered a passion for heart-centered medicine. "As I learned more about naturopathy, I was attracted to it as a profession because it is a true balance of smart medicine and heart medicine. It utilizes the framework of western evidence-based medicine while acknowledging the complexity of the whole, unique individual; mental/emotional, physical, and spiritual. Naturopathy also offers a rich history of long-term solutions that can be tailored to suit the individual."

Dr. Burke moved to Portland, Oregon to pursue her graduate education in Japanese language and natural medicine. After a year abroad in Japan researching modern Japanese birthing practices she returned to the US to enter naturopathic medical school. 

Dr. Burke is an alumna of the National College of Natural Medicine. She is completing post-doctoral studies in advanced microbial medicines with Dr. Mark Davis, focusing on the natural treatment of IBS & IBD with special focus on the use of fecal microbiota transplant to treat refractory Clostridium difficile infection. 

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