Heather Smith

Contact Heather at www.soullandscapes.net or 541.220.6996


Life Coaching: First session is FREE!

Subsequent sessions: $65 or $575 for 12 sessions

Channeled Energy Healing: $75 for 45 to 90 minutes


I am a life and creativity coach supporting healers, artists, and visionaries to create the life you would love. Coaching supports you to get clear on what is important to you without having to sacrifice any aspect of the big dream that you hold. You create the vision, and I support you to see what has been in the way up until now so that you can move elegantly into your life.

Clients remark that they love my presence and compassion, that they wouldn’t want to go on this journey with anyone else, and that they wish we could keep on meeting indefinitely. The support a coach can offer is immeasurable because coaches support you to see who you TRULY are and give you the tools to remember. Wouldn’t you love to be your biggest self and make your dream a reality? Let’s set up a FREE DISCOVERY SESSION to see what your next step is in closing the gap between dream and reality.



I use the doorway of a soul record or “Akashic” Record to access a person at the level of their Being.  Once here, I support people to open to the present moment. Together we move through patterns that are in their way of playing full out and being totally present. By connecting in with my higher self, I invite people into a deeper connection with their own highest Self, to see themselves as who they truly are, and to receive their own Guidance. In this place, people find healing, acceptance for what is, and understanding for the experiences of their lives.


My clients report :

  • full disappearance of acute injuries

  • drastic shifts in mental and emotional health

  • almost full relief from chronic pain

  • clarity around next steps

  • an increased ability to contribute to others from their heart.



My name is Heather Smith, some folks call me "Mist." I have been working in the Akashic Records since 2010 in this lifetime. I’m a life coach and an energy healer. I work with people who want to expand the positive impact of their creativity and spirituality - artists, healers, and visionaries - who are ready to find a sense of well-being that supports them to get big things done. I have learned from many teachers and Guides and been led to the work that I do now by listening to the Wisdom of my Heart. I believes that by tapping into the wisdom in your Heart, the wisdom in your soul record, you can access your own internal, eternal knowing to guide you forward in your life. I invite you into their own wisdom by staying present with you and the possibility that you are.