Marissa Ciccia, Energy Healer + Coach, K-ARCHP

 Email: or call  617-827-7889

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Marissa offers energy healing and coaching to help you let go of the past, let go of pain and let go of old patterns.  Sessions run an hour.

I believe energy work can help release blocks that are too difficult to address with just talking about the issue. The strongest and most impactful work I did for my own personal growth was with the combination of energy healing and coaching. I moved through difficult emotions and old mental patterns faster than with anything else; which is why I have come to do this work.

The ARCH Energy healing I use works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels to address the various depth of issues. This combined with coaching helps you to release the pain and patterns you are holding onto and then also consciously take strides in your day to day life to make sure those patterns don’t return.


Time to Let Go.

Easier said than done, right? So often in our lives we hold onto old patterns, emotions or even people.  We stay caught in the same loop until we realize we are holding onto something that is keeping us stuck.  I help you let go of the pain, let go of the past, let go of whomever is draining you and keeping you from moving towards the life you desire.

How does this work?

 1. We uncover the blocks and old patterns that you are holding onto

 2. There are a few ways I remove these blocks in energy healing sessions

 3. I provide tools and guidance to move forward on a new path


Kahuna ARCH® Healing (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing) offers a powerful healing alternative for body, mind and spirit. This Hawaiian healing treatment works on various levels of the person, deeply addressing the interconnectivity of our health and wellbeing. Through in person hands-on or distance healing, ARCH uses multiple levels of energy healing that work on focused issue areas. This form of energy healing gets at the root of the issue and removes blocks whether they have been conscious or not.

Recommended for emotional blocks, negative thought patterns, fears, loss or physical pains that aren’t improving on their own or through other therapies.

Benefits of ARCH Healing: 

• Elimination of physical pains (ex: neck, back, shoulder) 

• Elimination of emotional pain or negative mental patterns

• Sense of calm and release; Feeling lighter and more blissful

• Able to “let go” of stuck emotions


Are you ready to start letting go so that you can Glow from Inside Out?