Celia uses the tools of East Asian Medicine to promote health in center of our bodies. She specializes in women's health, digestion, and back pain and has a passion for working with women during the postpartum time. 

Since 2002, Celia has been a devoted herbal medicine student. She teaches herbal classes, creates unique herbal teas and organic body care products for her business Kyra Botanica in addition to keeping a clinical practice. Her education at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine added the rich Chinese medicine tradition to the foundation of Western herbalism. Celia practices with both Western and Chinese herbs and preparations, emphasizing high quality locally grown and sustainable herbs. 

Many acupuncture practitioners specialize in fertility and pregnancy, but few focus on the menstrual disorders and postpartum recovery. Celia wishes to change this, as menstruation and the postpartum time are an often overlooked source of physical and mental discomfort. From menstrual cramps, irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, PMS and mental-emotional ups and downs, the discomfort of IUDs or dealing with life after birth control pills, Celia is passionate about helping to restore balance to this innate part of a woman's life. 

Celia is a Birth Doula and has been supporting women through pregnancy, birth and postpartum since 2006. She makes postpartum sitz baths and simple yet effective herbal teas for postpartum recovery, as well as providing acupuncture to help physically and emotionally and moxabustion over the abdomin and uterus as the body readjusts to life after pregnancy. 

Celia completed her master's research project in East Asian medical therapies for leaky gut syndrome and has treated many forms of digestive disorders such as food sensitivities, IBS, IBD and acid reflux. Herbs, acupuncture, Shiatsu, diet therapy, and stress reduction are ways in which Celia supports health digestion in her patients. 
During treatments, Celia uses both acupuncture and Shiatsu to address her patients needs. Herbal options are always offered.

To learn more about Celia or to book an appointment, visit http://celialinnemann.com