Sterling Crittenden, ND


I welcome any person into my practice, and see a wide array of different medical issues on any given day. An important part of my practice is in advocating for my patients, and helping them learn how to advocate for themselves. Our health is our birthright, and with regard to health…I believe that knowledge is power, which is why I spend a lot of time in discussion with each patient, making sure that they know what everything means, and answering any questions as they come up. Instead of looking for a "quick fix", I focus on figuring out the big picture, and together we work to bring all of the pieces of the puzzle to the table, in order to know how best to move forward with an individualized treatment plan. The journey toward better health and well being is a beautiful process, and can be difficult. I’m here as a guide, to provide you with the best of my knowledge, and the most effective treatment options that are available, in both the Naturopathic Model as well as the Conventional Standard of Care practices.

My own personal journey through health and healing has been arduous and fascinating, and I am so grateful for the guidance I have had and the tools I have learned along the way. It is with the utmost gratification and joy that I am able to spend my days working with patients, to help guide them toward their own sense of personal empowerment, and toward the goal of improving their health and well being. Areas of Specialty and Focus:

-Cancer Care and Support
-Women’s Health; hormonal support and well-women’s exams
-Endocrine System: HPAOT axis; hypothalamic, pituitary, adrenals, ovaries, thyroid.
-Gender and hormone support
-Nutritional IV therapy
-Mental/Emotional; anxiety, depression, PTSD
Modalities: -General Medical Care/Primary Care -Naturopathic Medicine -Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy and Holistic Pelvic Care(TM) -IV Nutrient Therapy -Naturopathic Oncology (Cancer Care) -Homeopathy -Constitutional Hydrotherapy -Nutritional Counseling -Massage therapy and bodywork Here is a little more information about some of my areas of focus and specialty...

Grief/Loss/Trauma: I have come to learn that grief is most definitely not a linear process, nor is it a definable process. I have sometimes described it as a dark cave, which one learns to navigate and explore. It can be vast, and intense, and when a person is properly held in the midst and throughout their grief, it can be a profoundly powerful opportunity for growth and healing. From my own experiences with grief and loss, I have gained a level of compassionate understanding when connecting with patients and people who are going through traumatic grief and loss themselves.

Anxiety/Depression: Both anxiety and depression, in my opinion, are part of a broad spectrum…there are so many different ways that they can present and affect our lives; from the smallest affliction to the largest disruption. I am skilled with many different avenues of treatment, and have a lot of suggestions to offer to patients who struggle with these symptoms and diagnoses. There are many resources and protocols that I use, which have been proven to help in well-researched clinical studies as well as through my own clinical observations.

Cancer Care and Support: I feel very confident working with patients who are at any stage of a cancer diagnosis, and have a large pool of resources from which to help support them, some of which include supportive IV therapy, as well as many general supportive cancer protocols. I personally understand the underlying levels of exhaustion and confusion one is put through when they or one of their loved ones receive such a diagnosis. I spend time researching cancer studies, and I am always open to learning as much as I can about treatments and how to best support a patient.

Transgender Medicine: Having worked with many transgender patients over the years, I have become very comfortable with the necessary protocols throughout the process of transition and transgender hormone therapy. For those of you that know one of my mentors, Dr. Leslie Nicholas, you know how special it was to learn from her, and I feel honored to continue working as a doctor in this area of medicine, being able to discuss details of hormone therapy, reassignment surgeries, and pertinent health exams.

Women’s Health and Holistic Pelvic Care: I enjoy working with women of all ages, especially with regard to hormones, gynecological care and contraceptive management. I have been trained and certified in the basic and advanced models of HPC (Holistic Pelvic Care) and HPE (Holistic Pelvic Energy), as developed by Tami Kent. This training was something I have wanted to do for years, as it is one of the many therapeutic modalities I have personally benefited from. My approach to pelvic floor therapy is very much focused on the ancient, intuitive wisdom of women’s medicine and trust in the body’s innate ability to heal. Often times, I will combine pelvic floor work with Lomi Lomi Hawaiian bodywork in order to fully support the individualized needs of each patient. *I am more than happy to offer a 10 minute phone consultation, free of charge, in order for you to decide if I am the right practitioner for you. Or…if I have given you enough information and you feel like I might be the right fit, please feel free to schedule an initial visit.

Call 503-724-6730 or email to schedule.