I love helping women and couples heal and thrive. Periods of relationship challenges, grief and loss, identity transitions, and emotional stress can lead us to feel lost and alone. These times can be an invitation to tend unhealed wounds, uncover intuition, and strengthen relationships.

When you work with me, you can expect to learn strategies and explore issues in a way that serves your life. I am a body-centered therapist, so you can expect to learn how to identify cues and emotions from your body in addition to exploring thoughts and behaviors. I will help you to identify what is keeping you stuck in negative patterns and emotions and make choices that benefit your highest good. I have specialty training in trauma resolution, somatic experiencing, family systems, emotionally-focused therapy, mindfulness integration, sex therapy, and perinatal mental health.

To learn more about my services or contact me, please visit my website at: https://www.beautifullifetherapy.com/