Wellness in Portland, Oregon

New Patients


Thank you for your interest in Good Life Medicine Center. We look forward to building a meaningful relationship with you.


  • Every practitioner has a different way of handling the logistics of a new appointment, so check which of the following may pertain to you. You may need to bring:

    -Photo ID and insurance
    -Paperwork already filled out or already submitted online/fax/email -Payment
    -Comfortable, loose clothing

  • Street parking is usually ample and is also free.

  • Your practitioner will provide you a key code for the lower lock on the door. Make sure you have this number before you arrive at our clinic.

  • You will find a comfortable waiting room with tea and water. Please wait to meet your practitioner in the waiting room at your appointment time. The restroom is located upstairs and all the way to the left. It is available to you at any time, so you may go ahead and use it ahead of your appointment.

  • The clinic is not accessible for patients in wheelchairs.

If you’re unsure where to begin, call the contact number associated with the practitioner you are interested in seeing, and we’ll talk you through the process.