If you have not established coverage with your practicioner before your visit, you will be responsible for the cash price for the visit.

Patients with disabilities

If you have difficulty with stairs, please contact your practitioner directly to schedule appointments rather than using their web-based scheduling program. Speaking with a person will ensure that you have access to a ramp, lift, ground-floor treatment room, or other accommodations as needed.

Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Ariel Touchet

Dr Sterling Crittenden

Chinese Medicine

Andrea Lane, LAc

Ariel Touchet, ND, LAc

Beth Hazzard, LAc


Heather Nordeen LPC, CADCI

Shannon Glade MFT


Adrianne Cadbury, LMT

Jeevan Singh, LMT

Beth Hazzard 

Caroline Clyburn

Kristen Rosling

Juliet Williams